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DIfferent wireless cards to get internet to work


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Hey everyone. I'm running OSX 10.4.8 using Jas w/ the PPF1 and 2 CD. Im using an intel centrino processor on a Sony Vaio VGN TX630 laptop. Thanks to the members of the forum I have everything working except for sleep and internet. Sleep i'll deal with myself but internet is the main problem. I have an intel 2200BG built in wireless card, im aware that there is a HUGE thread addressing this topic already which means its taking some time. These are the other wireless cards I have:


D Link DWL 650M

Netgear WAG 511 (Have it but i dont know where it is lol)

Linksys WPC54GS


This is where I need help, i have searched literally everywhere for drivers or kext files or a tutorial or something. Can anyone please direct me to a driver / kext file for ANY of these wireless cards that will work? I'm hoping it will let my WPA encrypted network work with my mac. So again, can someone direct me to the files needed to make ANY of them work along with instructions? I know this might be alot to ask for but I really need help. Thanks in advance :D

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