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Motion 3, DVD Studio Pro 3, Compressor...fail to display interface


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Macbook Pro C2D, Leopard OS X 10.5.2. All apps were running perfectly before this happened...


First, all the apps of Final Cut Studio 2 crashed on startup.

I recall that the last thing I did is trashing the newly installed trail version Aperture.


After checking the crashing log, I found the problem comes from Prokit.framework. I did a thorough search, the answer is quite clear that the Prokit.framework comes with Aperture 1.5.2 is a PPC version, it replaced the intel version that was in my OS. So the solution is replacing the PPC version back to Prokit for Intel. Finally I found some provided download links of Prokit for Intel. BUT..


All the Prokit online are extracted with Pacifist from either Tiger OS disc or ProAppRuntime4.0.2.pkg(from apple's website). So they are either version 3.1 or version 4.0.2. After replacing my Prokit.framework with version 4.0.2, all my FCS 2 apps except Final Cut Pro (but Log and Transfer inside FCP 6) stopped crashing but failed to display any interface. But the icons are in the dock.


So finally I cleaned up all the files related to Final Cut Studio 2 and Prokit.framework and did a fresh reinstallation of FCS 2.

Same thing! No interface at all.


At this point, I doubt if the Prokit.framework in Leopard OS disc is different. It's too bad that I'm traveling for a project and my Leopard DVD is not in hand. So I asked a friend using Pacifist to extract Prokit.framework and Browser.framework from his Leopard DVD and sent them over. Now I found that they are indeed different. The one from Leopard is version 4.1. I did a replace again. Now, Motion 3, DVD Studio Pro 3 and Compressor start up, but with black windows and a few images, and the menu bars are really weird. (Pictures below) I guess I should install this two framework with Pacifist instead of replacing them with the extracted folders?


The last resort I guess is to reinstall Leopard? My dilemma if I don't finish my project, I have no access to my OS DVD, but I need to use FCS 2 to finish the project.


Has anyone run into the same situation? Any enlightenment will be appreciated!







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Get AppZapper.

Drag each Final cut app to the app.

Hit zap



AppZapper or CleanApp is pretty useless when it comes to Final Cut Studio, plus I did the reinstallation which means I had completely cleaned the information about Final Cut Studio 2 otherwise it won't allow me to reinstall.



Anyways, thanks. Actually I've fixed it, by installing Prokit.framework and Browser.framework from Essential.pkg in Leopard OS DVD with Pacifist....

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