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Hey guys I just started getting into this osx86 stuff and so far I have gotten a kalyway leopard into:

Acer Aspire 5630-5288

Core 2 Duo CPU (supports SSE3)

Intel Wireless Card 802.1 (not exactly sure on this, but intel card)

160 GB HDD



the leopard works fine except for the wireless network. So far leopard insists that I use an ethernet cord and won't even let me choose airport when i go to set up a new connection. Is there any way to get around this problem?


In case it didn't work, I also set up a small partition to install linux which DID allow me to have a wireless internet, but when I did install linux the GRUB didn't recognize the leopard, and when I reinstalled the leopard darwin didn't recognize the linux either. Is there anyway to get the two OSs to share?


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GRUB didn't recognize the leopard

To add leo to grub:

1) Get PC_EFI. This post among many has a link.


2) Copy boot_v8 to /boot in your Linux partition

3) Edit (as su) menu.lst in /boot/grub, adding entry:


title Mac OSX Leopard

root (hd?,?) (replace with same values grub uses for Linux partition, not ones for OSX partition)

kernel /boot/boot_v8



Next time you reboot, Leo will be on grub menu

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