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How can I get the AMD 10.5.1 to use my HDD's?

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I have an AMD Dual Core (X2 6400) desktop machine and I've downloaded the image of AMD Leopard 10.5.1.It gets into the Boot Screen but my hard drive doesnt show.I have a SEAGATE 250GB SATA HDD partitioned. (Primary 150GB, Secondary 100GB?!?!?).I go into Disk Utility and it shows a disk partition (provided I don't format it previously as a Linux partition in GParted or Parted Magic), but it won't let me erase the disk volume for installation use.When I try erasing it in either DISK UTILITY or TERMINAL - It just hangs and times out. Then I'm back to square one.I though maybe it had something to do with the partition type - so I scoured the internet and came across a Linux Bootable CD util called Parted Magic....http://partedmagic.com/index.html....fab invention. However, no matter how I format the partition in PARTED MAGIC (NTFS, LINUX E3, HFS, HFS+) - It still will not let me manipulate or write to it in the MAC INSTALL SETUP.Any ideas? Please post. Thx.[i recommend PARTED MAGIC for anyone who might find it useful (not me at the moment!]By the way I may have forgotten to mention I'm running on an nForce 5 (590) chipset.Full specs below.PROCESSOR - AMD X2 64 (6400)MOBO - ASUS M2N-32 SLICHIPSET - nForce 590 (SERIES 5)MEMORY - 2GB PC800 DDR2 (1GB x2)HDD - SEAGATE 250GB SATA (2 Partitions - Primary NTFS / Secondary ????)Thanks again.

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