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ToH x86 No menu, no install, many problems


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Booting to disk, I hit the choice menu, which really isn't a choice.


It says hd(31,1)ToHLeox86 or something


There I didn't see the advanced menu, I don't get language select or install or any animation

The screen only tells me I can choose ENTER , ? ,-V

I would normally get stuck after it started on "Still waiting on rooting device", but figured out

that I could type rd=disk0s1 at the screen that only gave me the three options

I cannot even type multiple commands. After I hit ENTER after typing anything in it goes straight to the driver loading

I finally got over the problem of "Still Waiting on Root Device" and now I have this:


NFS_Boot: Networking Not Initialized

panic (cpu 0 called 0x002D68EE) "NFS_BOOT_INIT_FAILED with 6\N"@ /SourceCache/..../..../NFS_VFSOPS.ch 831 or something like that

It also had 4-6 things under it like above. It said something in parenthesis like this: (Possible 4 arg stacks)


What can I do? I would greatly appreciate it. I have been reading for a week now and nothing is specific to this.


I have a Pentium 4 MMX,SSE,SSE2 Northwood 2.66ghz NOT DUAL CORE.. hence the SSE2

Motherboard: MicroStar MS-6701 Chipset SiS 648


Is there not an easy way where I don't have to type all of these commands and whatnot... just an automatic all-in-one like the Windows Installation CD?



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I was able to install ToH RC2 on my P4 2.0 GHz SSE2 machine. It has an Asus P4V8X-X mobo with VIA chipset (not the greatest for OS X compatibility). I used the PC bios to turn off some things first such as USB 2.0 (set it to 1.1 speed), turned off the internal sound and ethernet to (VIA chipset), and had it set to boot from the DVD first.


I think you have to have at least 512 MB ram (I have 768 MB). I was able to get it to boot into the GUI after changing video cards (my older PNY GF4MX420 would not allow it to get to the GUI) to an AGP NV996.0 Riva TNT card. I also had an old PCI soundblaster for sound and a Dlink 530tx ethernet card in it from when I ran Linux for easier compatibility. These PCI cards work great in OS X too.


I booted the DVD and got a message to press F8 to select boot options. I used these options:


-v -x -f


It booted up to the GUI and I selected my language and waited for the installer. When the installer came up I went to the utilities menu above at the top of the screen and selected disk utility. From there you can partition your drive (after selecting it first) and set it up for HFS+ file system. When you are done you can quit the disk utility and it will return to the installer. There a few custom options you have (I didn't install the additional languages for example) and then hit install. My install took several hours but came out fine. I'm sending this from my Hackintosh right now.


Good Luck!

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panic (cpu caller 0x002D68EE) Something like that ... I'll keep trying.


BSD Process Name: Kernel_init_..... something like that (Can never remember exact names)

Then, Darwin Kernel Version 9.0 right under that

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It sounds like it is crashing when it tries to load the kernel (from Darwin) during the beginning of the install. Do you have hyperthreading turned on in your bios? A friend had to turn it off to get his P4 3.0 GHz machine to install. Try looking in the bios and seeing if there is anything you can change concerning the way the CPU is set up.


I had to fiddle with bios settings to help him install his copy as I recall. Eventually we hit on the right combination. It may be different for other motherboards and CPUS though.

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