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Leopard not reading Apple DVD's

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I'm new to this whole osx86project world so I may be missing something obvious. I just installed Leopard using Brazil patch and everything went OK (still have LAN and video issues I need to sort out).


My problem is that I am trying to install Final Cut Studio 2 and whenever I put the install DVD in my drive, the OS never reads it. I am using a Samsung SATA Dual layer DVD burner and the DVD is a lagit copy (purchased from Apple). The OS will read cd's and other DVD's (like movies and my Leopard DVD) and put them on the desktop just fine. Also, I know the Final Cut install DVD works fine because it loads on my macbook. Am I missing something? The drive spins up when I put the DVD in there but other than that it is like it has nothing in it.


Any help would be greatly appreciated. I can provide more detaile if needed...just ask!



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