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Lower cpu benchmark results on leopard


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hi all.


i have notice a big difference in my xbench results after i installed leopard. with tiger my cpu results were higher than with leopard. the cpu results were in the 400 while running tiger, now they are in the 200 hundreds under leopard. the machine runs fine and does not seem slow but i have not been able to find an explanation for this.


i am running kalyway 10.5.1 on a badaxe2 with 2.4Ghz Quad (q6600) and 2 G bytes of ram. with pc_efi and GUID


the overall score of the benchmark is about the same as before but the part related with the cpu are much lower.


another thing is that system profiler always displays my cpu speed as 2.4 even when overclocked.


cam anyone explain why the difference in benchmark results? and why system profiler does not report the cpu speed correctly?

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