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Kalyway Installs, but no Video?


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So I managed to install 10.5.2 Kalyway onto an external HDD, w00t.... but once I rebooted all I get once I go past all the text (using verbose just to see what happens "-v" flag), my entire screen is black with white flashing lines. I see my hard drive crunching away but I can't see anything at all. Did I do something wrong (did I choose the wrong driver?)?


Using - IBM ThinkPad T60, w/C2D T7200, 2 GB RAM, 128MB X1400, Kalyway DVD 10.5.2 Leopard (selected Vanilla_Kernel ACPIPlatform (both the suboptions), NATIT_ATIcards, HDA_ALC882 (i'm pretty sure that's the correct sound card I have), no network drivers, and the boot_efi_guid because this is being installed on an external HDD which i have used disk utility for 1 partition on a 100 GB external HDD using a GUID partition table))


I am going to try to install it again without the NATIT_ATIcards, perhaps there is native support that i dont need to use this driver?


by the way, does anyone know if there is an option to bypass the Install DVD consistency check? It takes so long and is so annoying especially when trying to install mutliple times :)

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