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Sound and network issues.


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I have installed Leopard but I do not have sound. This is my biggest issue. I have a SigmaTel High Definition Audio CODEC:

vendor id: 8384

devision id: 76A0

subsystem id: 102801F2

revision id: 1002


Does anyone have the same specs as me and has solved the issue?


Also my network isn't working. I have a Intel PRO/Wireless 3945 ABG. I realize that no one has really figured out how to get this one working so my question now is, do I need to purchase a usb wireless stick compatable with mac that will pick up an internet connection?


Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Somone at least answer me and say "It doesn't work!" so I don't keep waiting...


hi there...

google for azalia/ conxtant driver for mac osx and install it will give you 2:1 sound output, but no mic......


try to get belkin usb stick 802.1 g and diver from ralinktech.com will solve internet issue.


hope it helps

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I think I found the Azalia Installer. I installed it and when I rebooted, I was able to move the volume up and down but I couldn't hear anything through my external or internal speakers. Did I get the wrong one or?


NO. you didn't got wrong one...


that's normal function in beta version driver.


i don't know exactly what a sound-card you have, but i think (maybe) a sound driver doesn't support it's own functions properly.


someone will make a proper driver. you can do just waiting for....

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