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N00B needing assistance - Darwin


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I'm using the ATKOS v1.0i.iso

Burnt it at a very low speed.

dl'd a GParted CD (just in case)

Erased the HDD so there are no M$ OS'

Went into Darwin and selected 1, 1, Y for EFT

ran the install as instructed :)



as soon as it's done, I see a loading Darwin/x86 (also tried a -v to see if i could see something, but it flashes too fast

and pc reboots.


If I try N for EFT, I get a flashing cursor. Ran Gparted and selected BOOT on the HFS+


Now i'm back in the reboot cycle.


Any suggestions????


IM/Lenovo M52:

Intel Pentium 4 630 (3GHz) Processor

2.5GB Ram


Intel video on board (also have a 256MB Nvida Geforce took it out thinking it was the culprit)


What the ;) am I doing wrong?

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