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BOOTCAMP MBP + Win XP or Vista...


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As far as I know, there are no solutions to any of these... YET... confused.gif


I am currently encountering a problem that seems to be non driver related but... perhaps bootcamp related.


Here are the symptoms...

  • Setting the power settings to "Do Nothing" when closing the lid of my laptop does not shut off builtin LCD Display.
  • Nvidia 8600M for some reason fails to play video when coming out of hibernation. It works perfectly fine when it soft/hard boots. And when the "Nvidia Control Panel" is launched (where it displays the spinning logo and quality slider) it leaves artifacts all over the monitor in a "spread out annoying pattern."
  • Like above, coming out of hibernation also disables iSight. Going to USB Video Device from My Computer shows a black screen. Interestingly enough, clicking on "Take a New Picture" does save a new picture as it should have.

I do a lot of work in Photoshop, and when I have multiple large files open, I much prefer hibernating my Win XP over saving everything... can anyone confirm the above issues? I've left some threads on 3 forums, and while all of them are showing 50+ number of views I have 0 responses...


I did get a confirmation from makel.org that these problems exist on MBP with Nvidia 8600m.


Also, the video problem exists on any drivers I load, it only seems to fail after resuming from hibernation...

Can anyone else confirm?? and are there any solutions??


Thanks in advance...

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