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iatkos stalls on MAC loading screen


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bump please help, i installed it 20 times and same thing...any advice?..some thing , anybody?


i create a partiton using vista "15GB"

inserted iatkos, used disk uilty to easre the partition and i made it journal extened

then i installed darwin boot loader with EFI

then i go to customize and i choose the stock kernal and the efi options

then the install goes perfectly.

i use gpart to make the disk active

i restart and darwin bootloader appears and i choose "Leopard drive"

the gray apple screen appears and it just sits there for a long time..

i can boot with SAFE BOOT...please help..thxs


hp dv 6565us

2 gb of ram

intel graphics card

intel chipset

200gb sata HDD

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You dont need to install it many times. It wont make any differences. Try to choose the right packages.

Try to boot verbose mode. enter -v option in the boot screen. Then look in the console and try to see what causes the error.


I had the same problem and it was problem with graphics. I have nVidia so i dont know about yours. you could still do the same that me and see if it works.


boot with -s option

type: /sbin/mount -uw /

type: mv /System/Library/Extensions/NVDAResman.kext /NVDAResman.kext



This worked for me. So give a try.

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