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Botting problem dark screen nothing happens!


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Hi all


I just installed Leopard (Flat Image) and I have my partition set correctly to HFSJ, even though when I boot into leopard with the Acronis OS Selector it starst darwin, and then it get's me to the gray screen with the apple logo and the little progress circle, then the screen goes black and my HD stops doing anyting, I can tell this because the lil light that indicates the HD usage doesn't even turn on. I tried to boot in secure mode by pressing -v in the darwin bootloader, but the only thing I get is a bunch of logs and then one that says that firewire wasn't able to find secure-mode and that it is going to secure-full, then the screen goes black again and nothing happens.

I leaved the screen black for more than 2 hours to see if something happened during that time, but nothing did.

What can I do??

Help pls!!


Thnx in advance

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