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I think i need to upgrade


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I would like to upgrade, I've been trying for 2 weeks to get OSx86 both 10.4.8, 10.4.9 10.4.10 and Itakos 10.5. The cd will not boot at all, i still get a Still waiting for root device error, i have updated the bios on my motherboard to support AHCI and it still will not work. I have tried the DD image, VMware (Currently running it right now) and the native installs. I think its time to just upgrade the system all in all. I would prefer a mATX motherboard so i can get a smaller case, but that really isnt an issue. The only gaming i will do is world of warcraft, This pc will basically be a simple internet/Email/Wow/IM computer, and maybe play a few movies here and there.


Current Specs:

Biostar Tforce965 (Flashed to Deluxe)

Intel Pentium Dual Core 2140 1.6ghz (Had this up to around 2.5ghz on stock)

OCZ 2x512mb PC6400 Ram DDR2

Evga 7600gt PCIe 256mb

Hitachi Deskstar 80gb SATA/2

Antec Smartpower 2.0 500w Dual Rail

Sony Generic DVD burner on ATA


Now can anyone suggest a motherboard that would maybe fit all my existing stuff? I have about 230 to spend and i really don't wanna spend over 110-120 on a motherboard. Plus i'd like mATX so i can take it with me to my dads house.


Maybe someone can help get this motherboard working? I've seen other people with it get it to work as a deluxe, but i still can't even boot the CD.


Any and all help is appreciated. And if anyone that can help me has AIM or MSN please IM me, I am desperate.





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Not true.


I installed Leopard through an IDE DVD-RW. And both the darwin kernel and the installer saw both Optical drives on the IDE cable.


-I installed on an ABiT AW9D-MAX (with a 975X chipset, ICH7 Southbridge). (Here in Greece, WHEN you can still find it, it goes for around 130 euros, at this point. The AW9D -no MAX- is cheaper and easier to find, and every bit as compatible as the MAX.)


Oh, and btw, everything works. Like a charm. A shiny charm. With leopards' spots. :)

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