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Dual Boot?


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Ho installato Kalyway in un hard disk e adesso vorrei installare xp in un'altro hard disk e fare un dual boot.


Cosa mi consigliate di fare?


Ho letto parecchi topic ma non sono riuscito ad avere informazioni molto chiare in merito.


Qualcuno di voi lo ha gia' fatto?

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Piccolo topic su stesso forum in inglese:


1. Blank HDD.

3. Enable AHCI in BIOS

2. Insert OSX kalyway 10.5.1 dvd

3. Create two partitions, one FAT, one HFS+

4. Make sure disk is in MBR format

5. Install OSX onto HFS+ partition using vanilla kernal, nvinject, and MBR EFI

6. wait for install/reboot

7. should load into OSX straight away

8. apply audio kexts as required

9. reboot

10. disable AHCI in BIOS

11. insert win XP cd

12. install win XP on other partition made earlier

13. after installation of win XP, copy tboot.ini to c:\, and add this line to boot.ini


c:\tboot="Mac OSX Leopard"


14. reboot.

15. done.



Prova ...

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