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KALYWAY_LEO_10.5.1intel_SSE2_SSE3 + XP Pro + Ubuntu 7.10... Doable?

Christopher W

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Hi, complete OSX86 noob here. Finally got my 250Gb drive for my laptop so I thought I'd give a triple boot a go with a blank slate.


I've been reading http://cy8erpunkthunk.blogspot.com/2006/03...-and-osx86.html, but obviously that's over a year old and as a result certain (maybe key) aspects of the guide may now not be applicable.


I've also been reading the dualboot guides, and they mostly seem to be concerned with Vista + 10.4/10.5 ... I don't want to install Vista at all, definitely XP Pro for me. Ubuntu would be a nice addition too, but I am a SERIOUS novice at this.


I'll basically need a guide which can handhold me through nearly all of the steps (long-time Windows user, fairly newb Linux user and total Mac nab, although I can work my way round it as a user alright, having had to use them for my uni degree etc)... Is dual/tri booting with anything other than Vista even possible with Leopard? If it is possible to dual/triboot with XP, which guide (or combinations thereof) should I follow to get a result?




Thanks in advance... I've been lurking on here for ages (as well as the wiki :)) and I thought it was time to register and ask my question. :)

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Hi. I'm not so noob on the operating systems OS X, Ubuntu or Vista/Xp... I'm trying to do a triple boot with OSx Linux and XP too but all of them on the same drive, 3 different partitions, but cannot boot from Grub into Os X or Xp after Os X Leo KALYWAY install... i tried allmost every combination: first OS X, then Linux, last Xp and so on... Logically it should work: First Xp, after that, OSx, and then Linux wich haven't tested yet... default boot Linux and with XP there sould not be problems... boot into Linux, sudo gedit the menu.lst file from grub to add Os X to Grub Bootloader OS selection menu and then boot with Linux Live CD to make Osx boot flag with Gnome partition Editor or boot into XP and use Partition Magic to make Os X partition active and should work... there is a slightly possibility that it's gonna give a hfs+ error... cross your fingers and hope it will work... be back after installs ;)

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I have triple booting on the same HDD, Leopard, XP and Ubuntu. I'm not satisfied with the setup, but for the moment, untill I find another solution, I'm using this... I have Toh's leo release, but I think it's the same for Kalyway also..


Here are the steps:


1. Prepare your partitions. I have them like this:

- first is the XP partition

- second, the Leo partition

- third, the Ubuntu root partition

- the forth partition is the swap for Ubuntu (around 612 MB)

- finally, a fifth partition for all other stuff


2. Install Leopard. It will install also the Darwin bootloader


3. Install XP and setup the dual boot with Leopard using the boot.ini and tboot files. It's the same method as the chain0 for Tiger, but it seems that the chain0 doesn't work with Leo.


First, extract the attached archive and copy the tboot file to your windows partition (C drive). Then edit the boot.ini file in the Windows' root partition (you may have to remove its read-only attribute) and add this line to it:


c:\tboot="Mac OSX Leopard"


Test the dual booting to make sure it's working.


4. Install Ubuntu. When installing Grub, it will automatically add an entry "Other operating systems", which will start Windows' boot loader.


So, to start Leopard, you'll have to chose "Other operating systems" from Grub's menu, then select Mac OSX Leopard. It's not quite handy, but I haven't found a way to start Leopard straight from Grub.


I attach here also my boot.ini and grub's menu.lst files, as an example.



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Pff...this sounds a little complicated... well... at least the part with cian0 tiger stuff... please explain it as an "step-by-step" tutorial with details about everything because some of us didn't even seen Tiger... at least I didn't... I started straightly with Leo. So.. please help, my method with the first partition as Leo the second as Xp/Vista and the fourth as Linux (3rd as swap) didn't work... Now i am in the state of Leo 1st partition and Vista the second, third is empty... Vista partition is boot and works, but if i set Leo partition as boot with Ubuntu live CD then i get "HFS+ partition error"...If anyone knows about my Issue, please help me in this situation... or give a step by step "how to" starting from zero...thanks

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I ran into the same problem. I believe the issue have to do with the PC_EFI boot loader. From my research, you need to copy the EFI boot loader onto a partition that GRUB can read (somewhere in your /boot?) and from there, it'll load and detect your OSX partition and boot there. However, this is just what I've researched. I gave up on this since I am having issue getting Ubuntu to work so I am gonna use Parallels to run Ubuntu when I need it.

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STOP!!! I've done it :D I now have Os X Leo & Vista and can boot exactly what i like.... :( here's what i've done:

- Installed Os X on first partition (hd 0,0) (harddrive must be partitioned from the start as mbr) and Vista on second partition (hd 0,1).

- After Vista installation Vista partition automatically gets "boot" flag so it can boot.

- If boot from Ubuntu Live CD and set Os x partition flag "boot" you get "HFS+ partition error" message when booting. I got that and then i rebooted into Ubuntu Live CD and removed flag (did not set Vista flag as boot). Rebooted. Vista loaded and I installed EasyBCD, added "Generic X86 PC" under MAC tab in "Add/Remove Entries". Make sure it saved the file C:/NST/nst_mac.mbr. It it hasn't, it means you didn't make an "authentic" insertion of Os x in loader... try to add again and again untill you find that file on your harddrive. In case you need, i attached it here nst_mac.rar

- Atfer that you can configure bootloader timeout and default OS, rename OS as you want it to appear in bootloader and make sure you save all your changes.

With this method you don't have to install Ubuntu unless you want to use it. (i wanted to install it for Grub bootloader but it works fine with this method so I don't need it anymore).

Hope this will help you, in my case it sure did :D

I will now try to install Xp on third partition. Wish me luck :D

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new problem... when i boot up my lappy i get the vista bootloader looking like this:

Select Operating System:

1. Windows Vista

2. OSX Leo

I select OSX Leo and darwin asks to press any key within x seconds. I press any key and then it shows me this:

1. OS X 86 Leopard (hd0,0)

2. Windows OS (hd0,1)

3. Windows OS (hd0,2) or something like that... the problem is that the default is no. 2 (hd0,1) and if i leave it to boot that it will end up in a unlimited loop because that is the vista bootloader (in vista bootloader i made osx default os to boot...) anyway, anyone know how to make Leo default in Darwin ?

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Well actually coccolino_dbro's method isn't that hard. After you install Leopard and make sure everything is working, then reinstall Windows XP (because Windows is usually overwritten by now). Then after Windows starts up, go to the Command Prompt and then type in c: (hit enter) then cd \ (hit enter) then debug.exe (hit enter) and copy the tboot thing inside and then quit. Then right click My Computer and go to properties and then go to Advanced and hit the Settings button under Startup and Recovery. and then under System startup, click edit and type the c:\tboot="Mac OSX Leopard" and save it. Now it should dual-boot Leopard and Windows XP.oh and coccolino_dbro, do you know what program we can open those Tboot and the other one with, I unrared them and they have no file. what program do I choose?

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