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HP dv 2000 / 6000 Help + DELL XPS help


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i successfully installed Kalyway 10.5.1 on my HP DV 2000T. But there is no sound(conextant high definition), the Ethernet(Intel v10/100) doesnt show up, and the wireless is not working(3945 abg)


everything els works. if anyone can help me, i would be greatful :D thank you



i also have a DELL XPS 710. after darwin loaded during install, then the apple loading screen comes up... it tells me to "Push the power button to turn off, or press the restart button."

It has a C2D 6600, Nvidia 8600 GTS, 590 SLI mobo, broadcom 57xx gigabit controller, intergraded Sigmatel sound card, and Xfi- Xtreme Music sound card, and a 250 GB SATA II HDD.


is there any chance i can install either Kalyway or IATKOS on my DELL ? Thank you

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