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file size error, corrupted file or what?


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i downloaded the KALYWAY_LEO_10.5.1intel_SSE2_SSE3.zip file & when i extracted it there were 2 folders:





Inside KALYWAY_LEO_10.5.1intel_SSE2_SSE3 was the kalyway_leo_10.5.1.iso file(4.37gb)

when i burned it the cd looked liek it didnt have al teh files(verified and sed everything was ok)

it had soem boot files and thats about it(total dvd size sed 192kb)

wen i used WinRAR to extract the iso same files were in it & total size also 192kb

whats going on? the cd boots but then nothing happens after the Darwin x86 boot loader.

was my download corrupted?(wasnt to me im sur ei got full download)

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