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iTunes 7.5 Music Keeps Skipping


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I've been having issues with iTunes (7.3) skipping music, whether it's an MP3, a CD, or Shoutcast stream when I'm opening and closing programs, maximizing and minimizing programs, etc. I upgraded to iTunes 7.5 which is the latest offering for Mac OS X Tiger 10.4.11 from Software Update and it still skips.


I've disabled all the album art and other useless junk I could find and it continues to skip. It doesn't skip when the computer is idle but as soon as I start using it (eg: Opening Safari) it'll skip. I fired up Quicktime and tried the same songs and it works flawlessly without an issue but Quicktime is a very cumbersome music player, IMHO.


What else should I try disabling in iTunes to get playback going correctly? I'm using a C-Media onboard card, AC'97, everything works (dual channel, etc.). I could get another media player but iTunes shouldn't be having these problems.


Thanks in advance.

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