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Diego Giovany

Kernel Update Lost Webcam on iChat

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Hi for you All.....

My name is Diego and 2 weeks ago I entered in the wonderfull world of OSX86.....

In the begining nothing works, I have a W466U notebook, but I working on solutions, downloading drivers, etc...


I used ToH RC2 image, intaled and my webcam usb works on iChat only, no Photo Booth, no QuickTime.....



but 3 days ago I instaled pc_efi V8, and webcam continue working, now I tryed a new kernel, but for my surprise, I lost webcam, the programs detect It, and I see the LED blinking, but only get a black screen.....


When I try to get back the kernel, webcam back working, but no other kernel.....


the big problem, the ToH kernel that comes on DVD not boot normaly like other, I need to put -legacy on it to boot... and it make my computer slow......


Any ideas to get webcam working? I tested many other kernels like ToH 9.0.0 , ToH 9.1.0, Vanilla...... no one get my webcam working... but I can boot without -legacy.....


Ow... forgeting.... I also tryed macam and ioXperts solutions... no one works....


My Webcam is UVC Compatible and ins detected as USB 2.0 Camera..... in system profile I see:


USB 2.0 Camera:


Versão: 1.00

Potência de Barramento (mA): 500

Velocidade: Até 480 Mb/seg

Fabricante: SuYin

ID do Produto: 0xa111

Número de Série: CN1314-MI05-VS-R01.00.00

ID do Fornecedor: 0x064e




Please anyone help... anda sorry by my poor english....

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Hi diego! First thanks for your hard works with the alc268 high definition audio! now my microphone and my speakers works properly! I've the same webcam, and I need a solution too... if i find something, i'll post you here!

Bye!! :D:D:D:D:D

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