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A few Basic Questions 4-U, Please!


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I have searched the forums, but haven't found the answer to these basic questions yet.


If I am in Leopard and i want to install or change Kexts, Packages, etc. . . . Can I do it simply from within leopard and how?


I am also scared to do this and not be able to boot after working 3.5 weeks to get to this point. Is there a way i can backup the whole operating system so if I make a mistake, i can simply do a procedure and get back to this point?


I know that there is a timeline setup. But, you have to be able to boot up to get into it.


My email is: yhmmc@yahoo.com if you decide to answer.


Thanks in Advance and Merry Christmas, Happy New Year. Let's have a GREAT 2008!!!

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