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Kernel panics during disk operations


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I am experiencing an issue with kernel panics during harddisk read/write operations. It usually happens when working with large files like 1GB+. I'm not sure if it is actually harddisk related because it occurs at the same point while working with these files. For example, while extracting a particular zip file, it will always panic at 11% and another zip file will always panic at 15%, but both files will extract perfectly fine on other systems. It also occurs quite often while performing other operations like installing software in a virtual machine or even creating the virtual machine itself. Otherwise doing normal day to day tasks and working with regular sized files works perfectly fine and I never experience any panics at all. Any help is appreciated.


Here are my system specs:


Mac OSX 10.5 Vanilla with EFI 8

Intel Q6600 Quad-Core Processor

Asus P5K Motherboard

4GB DDR2 800MHz Ram

ATI Radeon X1650 Pro 512MB (QE/CI Working)



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