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Please Help, Stops booting after white box flashes


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Im new to this, actually just started today, i have the iAKTOS v 1.0i, iso and my system specs are as follows:


680 sli mobo

2gb 1066 mhz Corsair Dominator

Nvidia 8800 GTS 640mb

2 SATA sony disc drives X54

Quad 6600 2.4 ghz processor

800W OCZ power

320 gb SATA Seagate HDD 3 partitions 1 that i plan for MAC OS is in FAT32 Format

O and VISTA ultimate x64 Os right now


Now i burned the Cd multiple times and everytime i try to boot from it, it begins running the Darwin thing (forgot what the exact command was) then after maybe 10 secs it flashes a white screen with the Apple logo, and then begins booting my comp all over again, so i stopped it


am i suppose to let it go agen and agen? or is there a compatibility issue? can someone please help?

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