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KALYWAY installed Perfect But....


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Please check my sig to know my hardware!!!


Does kalyway support intel P4 ??


i installed kalyway DVD without any problmes And i didn't chosse any of the package "boot-EFI,Vanilla And hardware pach"


but when i finished installing Leopad it asked for reboot ,i did reboot AND mac does not start just it show me APPLE LOGO..


i used -v to see what happen !! it hang after ~30sec


Sorry i forgot the message ;)


how can i fix it ? any help ?

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Yes, it will works on a P4 (esp. if your P4 has SSE3, aka Prescott core). I am proudly running one. ;)


See here for my hardware spec.


See the attached photo for my selection during the installation.



I just noticed your sig. Funny, your hardware shoud be fine. In fact I am using am Intel Pro/100 VE PCI, and it works out of the box.


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