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Making a leopard install dvd


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ok...to start off with i am huge fan of the simplicity offered by macintosh o.s. Its been months , since i have tried installing a tiger or leopard, and all of the time i've failed miserably. Well, to my luck,i finished off downloading the jas mac os x tiger 10.4.8 on my birthday and put it for installation. I GUESS I RECIEVED A PERFECT BIRTHDAY PRESENT:) . The installation was a breeze and i could use the internet and play audio files just as in windows. it was also nice to see the windows partitons mounted so i could access all the data.


Now that i have the tiger 10.4.8, i have been trying to install various softwares, but to my tough luck they all need an update of 10.4.9.But since i have and amd sse2 i havent been able to find the required updates..


Now, i do have a mac os x leopard 10.5 intel amd sse3 installation disk. But my pc is hooked up with a ps2 keyboard and mouse and also the processor is AMD

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