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Best Version of Tiger to use for Noob?

Poison Girl

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Well, I am a noob to this. I have been a PC person since I was 4, and just last summer started to use macs. I have a great first gen MacBook with Tiger, have been thinking of upgrading to Leopard but don't have the cash yet and I'm not sure if I really need to switch either. I have been wanting to get away from PCs though, and need to keep at least one of them (desktop or laptop) as windows (could be dual-boot), but I couldn't decide which system to use as my OSx86 system.




I was thinking of just installing onto USB External HDD so that I wasn't dealing with installation onto the same internal hard drive as windows (I might test that out later on after I have first mastered installing a Mac OSX version onto something I can totally reformat at anytime). So while I was looking at the Leopard DVD installs, I thought it might be best to try something that has been around a bit longer and has less bugs in the install/running of the system. I would like to try one of the latest versions of Tiger (10.4.10 if possible) but I have no clue as to what I am doing with the instructions I see, so I want something that is fairly easy to install and that doesn't have too many complications with the system after install (let's me use it to the fullest degree). Obviously, different DVD installs are done by different people, so giving me a couple good "names" would help alot. I have no idea if my install on a USB HDD would be affected by my choice desktop ot laptop "host" system which I might run it off of, or if I might be able to unplug the USB and just connect it to another computer system and run it off of that one (possibly needing to change the boot style of the "host" system I guess).


I would greatly appreciate anyones help, as I love this idea and *really* want to do it but I am just getting so confused by all the different options and instructions on how to do it (and compatibility of system hardware etc). I also have never really done much tech work on my computer dealing with the hardware (other than basic install of one or 2 items) and the BIOS and boot style (MBR etc). I also have dealt mainly with Windows and not Macs or any of the Unix/Linux OS's and it's hard for me to switch my brain over to that style so easily.


As for the "host" system(s) I might use, both are Dell (Dell Dimension 8400 or maybe 1100 if I trade with my roommate, both are his anyways for the Desktop and the Laptop is the Dell XPS m140 (which is also an inspiron?, newer version which was based on the older Inspiron 600m). Laptop has integrated Intel graphics (Intel Wireless, Intel motherboard and chipset/processor), integrated sound, broadcom ethernet etc. It is Pentium M/Centrino 1.73GHz with 2GB RAM, the internal 2.5 HDD is whatever is common for a laptop 1.5 years old (ATA/SATA??).


Both Dell Desktops have integrated graphics plus ATI graphics cards (we also have old/spare nVidia GeForce FX5200 and nVidia GeForce 6800 cards), both have integrated Audio as well as Creative Soundblaster Audigy Z (ZS?) 2/and Audigy 4 cards. No wireless on either desktop, Broadcom Ethernet. Both are Intel motherboards/chipsets/processors - one is a P4 3.2GHz with 2.5GB RAM and the other is Celeron D 2.5GHz with 2GB RAM, both are SSE3 I guess, while my dell laptop XPS m140 is a Pentium M (a Centrino) which I think falls under the SSE2 category??? P4 has 80GB 3.5 SATA HDD, while the Celeron D has a 160GB 3.5 IDE HDD (I think).


I also have an older custom/barebones system, Intel Celeron 2.4GHz I think, 512MB RAM, integrated audio, integrated graphics (plus the GeForce FX5200), no wireless, Hard drive is 80GB 3.5 IDE and currently has no OS on it.


If any other details are needed to help plan out the best choice for me to go with (as a "test" let's say, until I know more and have more of an idea what system "Host" I want to use and possibly install on the internal HDD, as a dual boot), just let me know and I will happily get back to you with that info.


Again, thanks to all that can help me out with this initial decision process. The install might not be "final" as in I will most likely use it to test all of this stuff out and then possibly do another install that will be a bit more "permanent". All feedback is great and appreciated.



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