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Need help with netwrok after instalation


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I installed JaS.OS.X.10.4.8.AMD.Intel.SSE2.SSE3.PPF1.Defiant.diskutil.biker880.ich7-R.patch.Integrated.iso

After instalation in system profiler it detecs the Build- in Ethernet card .

I have Bult in Ethernet ( nVIDIA nForce 430 (MCP51) - LAN Controller)from my motherbord Asus M2NPV-VM but it didnt detect it and i buy

Realtek 8139 (becouse somebody told me that with this card it will run native).I am using this lan card now from windows.

My conection goes through Wirelss Routher D-link 524 .

The problem is when i run System - Network Diagnostics my Build in Ethernet is not active (Gray cheking box)


Systen profiler log :

Built-in Ethernet:

Type: Ethernet

BSD Device Name: en0


Configuration Method: DHCP


Configuration Method: Automatic


Configuration Method: Node


FTP Proxy Enabled: 0

FTP Passive Mode: 1

Gopher Proxy Enabled: 0

HTTP Proxy Enabled: 0

HTTPS Proxy Enabled: 0

RTSP Proxy Enabled: 0

SOCKS Proxy Enabled: 0

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