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successfully installed on Abit IC7-G (875) and Prescott 3.2GHz (SSE3 and socket 478)


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My first try was with JaS 4.2b patch. Installed OK, but I can't get my onboard NIC and rtl8139 (manually add on PCI slot) to work. Then I try with 1111a.No.NX.Patches. Now my Intel gigabit NIC work like a charm. But still I have some questions.


1. In Apple menu -> System Preferences -> Network -> mark Built-in Ethernet and then click Configure... the apps crash immediately. Every time! With JaS 4.2b patch when I'm trying to configure rtl8139 the same happened. Is this "normal" behavior? After installation in first boot Mac OS X ask me for network type and IP/mask and I set it. But now I'm not able to change these settings because of this crash. I am in ethernet network with static ip address.


2. I have nvidia N6600GT and the Display Preferences only gives me 1024x768 at 60Hz as a option. These 60Hz is very... unfriendly. Is there any hack, trick or patch to set the refresh rate to something more friendly - like 75-85Hz. The low resolution (I have 21" monitor) is not so big problem, but the refresh rate is.


Thank you!

...sorry for bad English.

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