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Help for a total noobie


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Okay, this is my rig(old but still holds up strong):

  • AMD FX-55 @ 2.61Ghz(Single core with no SSE3)
  • Geforce 6800GT with 256MB Ram
  • 1GB Kingston DDR1 RAM
  • MSI k8N Neo4 Platinum motherboard
  • A Samsung HD(will install on a 17.3GB partition)
  • A sony dual layer dvd writer

Can I install Leopard on this, or am I stuck with tiger as the only option?


Can I dual boot XP and OS X?


Can you guys tell me what exactly I have to do to make it work? I havent done this before so I'm a total noob...




thanks a lot guys

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What will be new in that? Perhaps 10.5.2?

I found the 1st(I think it's first anyway), but he mentions it is for an 8800GTS. Will it work fine on my 6800GT?


Also, the release doesn't give details for dual booting. Is there anything I have to do in particular?

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