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p5b deluxe wifi/ap - working?


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Anyone that has this motherboard able to confirm that onboard sound and wireless are working?


Please let me know if you have been running into any other problems with this board and how you've fixed them.

Try the Mistico P5B patch with azalia sound fix, sound out only I am afraid, but remember to deselect all other options, wireless was not an issue for me so cant help you there, hope this helps?




MOBO AsusP5B green

Dualcore intel pentium E 2140 1.66ghz

SATA DVD burner NEC Optiarc

XFX 7600 GT XXX edition PCI-E

2 x SATA Samsung 160gig drives for Leopard and Vista/XP, manual Bios boot

1 x IDE ATA WD 80gig, 2 partitions with Jas OSX 10.4.8 Tiger on it, running perfectly

Onboard sound Soundmax ADI AD1988A

Realtek networkcard

2 gigs Ram


For the rest just about everything works, except for shutdown, have to do that manually, Cheers Plucka

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