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Weird Darwin Boot Problem


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I have installed iAtkos using EFI on a MBR partition...

Installing it was pretty easy, but now I'm having problems with Darwin.


These are the steps I followed:


1.Boot from dvd and formated the hard disk, only one HFS+ partition, using MBR table.

2.Installed Darwin_Boot, found on the Utilities menu.

3.Rebooted the computer and loaded iAtkos install dvd again, without any special options.

4.Installed Leopard with the EFI option.


Now what happens is:


-If I try to reboot without the install dvd, my computer hangs at "Verifying DMI pool..."

-If I leave the dvd on the drive, it asks me if I want to install it, and if I don't it starts loading Darwin and than reboots.

-If I press F8 when it asks me to install, and type the option rd=disk0s1, which is my Leopard partition, it loads just fine!!


So it seems that the Darwin installed on my hard disk is not working... Right?! Cause I'm loading Leopard using the dvd Darwin...

Any ideas of how to fix this?!


Any help would be appreciated!




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try this option:

Boot into OSX via DVD, then go to OSX drive/lybrary/preferences/systemconfiguration and copy com.apple.boot.plist to desktop. Open it in TextEditor and add the following line beneath the <key>Kernel Flags</key>: <string>rd=disk0s1</string> then save on desktop and copy back to original file location. An informational dialog box will appear, just click Authenticate, then another dialog box will appear and you will need to click Replace, type in your password and you're done. Reboot without DVD and pray to God it gonna work... if not, don't curse me, i'm new at this and still haven't found out how to make os x as default boot in darwin because i have vista and it's bootloader that start first, then darwin wants to boot to vista but the bootloader come's along and if Os x is default in vista bootloader it just a krappy loop... this, of course, is meant to be in another topic... sorry for the offtopic but i haven't slept for 20 hours now trying to solve this... any help would be appreciated...

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