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Hi, i've a new MB P5W DE DELUXE with 2 HDD 250go


So i tried to instal Mac os x but i've any time problem


==> now

1 : with TOH : http://www.mediafire.com/?8xy1zndz53d


2 : with Kalyway : http://www.mediafire.com/?8xy1zndz53d


==> Yesterday, when i want to instal, it freeze and i must reboot


What can i doing ??


Thf for you're help and sorry for my bad english


Here a translation from my topic in the French forum but ... no body can help me



Hi all, I have a slight worry: I can not instal Mac Os X leopart - Tiger


Then, I explain everything:


Tuesday: I ascend My computer, I put mac os X Leopard TOH RC2, the dvd boot, I Leopard and I want Start Leopard,

Not possible, I have a while line Flashing '_' So I go and I Vista.


Whensday: I re Test, I read that we must change something in the BIOS, I do it and Can

Boot and still more, Vista does more ... started


Thursday: I see that Kalyway released, I would like the usenet ... And, I read that

Go to the DVD leopard then entered an order in the Terminally, the only problem, once on the installation screen, all

Freeze, therefore, impossible to make anything ...


Friday: I Download a version 10.4.11 and magic: that boot, I access to the instal,

But the DVD is corrupt, I can't install


Saturday, I try Yet TOH


Sunday: I get Kalyway, magic, that boot, then takes Click next to the facility, the menu is narrowed, the blue bar arrives



This morning, I want to launch a 3 DVD (TOH - JAS-KALYWAY), none boot! Whenever I have a problem


Different Kalyway: I di "Kernel TOH ..." and when I Highlights


TOH: I have a row of error that merely repeat itself,


I am going up Everything

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