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GA945GZM-S2 rev. 6.6


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I am trying to install Leopard on my machine (look signature). Well, it acutally doesn't boot the DVD at all. I've tried lots of versions (BrazilMac, iATKOS, Kalyway, 10.4.11 xXx, 10.4.10 Kalyway, 10.4.6 JaS) bot none of that DVD's just won't boot (still waiting for root devices). As long as I red this forum, I should change my SATA option to AHCI, but in BIOS I don't have that option. Is there maybe any jumper on this board, which would set this option properly?


This topic is for all GA945GZM-S2 users, who did or didn't manage to install OS X86 on their system.

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