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Installing KALYWAY Leo on primary partition


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I successfully downloaded and burnt to a DVD the latest Kalyway; I am trying to install it on my ThinkPad T61 where I already have Vista and Fedora residing. Fedora is the default OS, Vista came pre-installed. Currently /dev/sda is devided as follows:


/dev/sda1 - Vista

/dev/sda2 - Fedora /boot

/dev/sda4 - Fat32 destination for Kalyway

/dev/sda3 - extended

/dev/sda5 - Fedora /

/dev/sda6 - Fedora /home

/dev/sda7 - Fedora /swap

/dev/sda8 - NTFS storage space


I created the primary /dev/sda4 to be FAT32, changed its flag to bootable, so Kalyway could see it.


Indeed, after initial screens and veryfication of DVD integrity, the install begins but only to stop couple of minutes later with a huge message on screen saying "MacOS could not be installed to your destination drive". After this I downloaded SystemRescueCD, GParted LiveCD hoping to format /dev/sda4 directly to hfs+ but failed to do so with both live CDs.


I'd like to install Kalyway to a partition and not to a separate HDD but this error gets me nowhere. I also hope not to loose the existing OS/data on my system. Could you please advise me what should I do in order for this to work? Thank you! ;)

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Hey guys,


I read through what the SEARCH found for me and tried also the F8 -v option but again, the same problem. Just past DVD integrity check it stops with a warning message "MacOS X could not be installed on your computer. The installer could not install some files in "/Volumes/Leopard.. etc"


Anyone with a similar problem to help me a bit here?

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have you got your sound to work? I installed iatkos and kalyway with similar results, I can get a volume icon in top right and thing like dvd's and itunes think they are playing sound but I get no output



Sound (HDA BUS)

device id 284B

ven 8086


Sound (Card)

device 1948

ven 114D

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