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Looking to buy new hardware (for 10.5.x)


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Hi all,


Thanks for responses in advance.


I am looking to buy some new hardware ... would like to dual boot xp / (or vista) and 10.5.x

- CPU negotiable (has to be Core 2 though)

- willing to use 2 different drives, however in a perfect world would like to use 2 drives for stripping (raid), 2 x 320 SATA etc...

- looking at at least 2GB ram

- vid card doesn't have to be the best (more photoshop than games)

- onboard sound card is fine

- wifi for networking

- DVD etc...


Any suggestions appreciated.

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Just ordered everything for a osx86 PC I'm building for my girlfiend:



E2160 Intel Dual-Core

Cooler Master CM 690 Case

Thermaltake Purepower 500W

2x1GB PQi Turbo 4-4-4-12 DDR2 800 Ram

XFX 7600GT

SYBA Firewire PCI card


Only thing to add is a hard drive(s). Total is $343 SHIPPED after $110 in rebates. The motherboard, case, and cpu are from clubit... the rest from newegg. This thing should easily overclock to 3.0 GHz. I have a very similar setup (DS3L, E2140) and it works perfect with Leopard. I would also REALLY recommend that case, same one I'm using now. Right now it's $5 after rebate at clubit (not a typo).

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Funny you ask because I have 2x320GB sata drives striped in this system. And I'm dual booting Leopard and XP ;) Although I don't think you can boot off a raid set. But with 4 sata ports, you can have one drive with Leopard, one drive with something else, and a 2 drive raid (only usable in os x since its a software raid). And of course you can partition your drives how you like and boot as many operating systems as your please :wacko:


And that leaves the 2-channel ide free for your optical drives.

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