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Natit + Cheap Nvidia Card = Amazing Results!


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It's getting closer to Christmas and I had checked my wish list twice. On the top of the list was one of those expensive GeForce cards you see on the Mac Pro website. All shiny and new, with a new motherboard to support PCI Express. It's gaming time this year on my Hackintosh. As I was searching through InsanelyMac and the Wiki I realized that my old, cheap eVGA GeForce 5200 FX that I paid $35 for on eBay has been getting a lot of good reviews on HCL's regarding the support of QE/CI in Mac OS X Tiger and that seems to be our Hackintoshin' target for true native (Mac) graphics.


After installing Natit with a painless 5 minute GUI installer and a quick reboot, I was greeted with some funky, blurry resolution but noticed that my mouse icon faded into place. I thought "Damn, it's all FUBAR and this is my only functional Hackintosh drive." Then I popped into the profiler and noticed the amazing results.


Don't mind the low resolution. There are a ton of other settings now thanks to Natit but on this old Envision LCD (one of the original ones, I think), I'm at max resolution.



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