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Installation problems


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Hi, there!

I am new in Mac world but defenetly I want to learn it and to make it main world...


I have installed Uphuck_10.4.9_v1.4a - the installation past well, after the restart it has loaded the kernel etc. and just before to let me in  the graphic mode the monitor went OFF and "No input" was shown.


My PC:

Athlon64 3000+

Epox 9NDA3I Nf3

Ati Raedon 9600Pro (former 9550)

Hitachi 250GB PATA

Seagate 250GB SATA

Monitor: ASUS PM17TU TFT

The MacOS is installed on the Hitachi.


Is there any way to fix this or I need another build? What Mac is best for my computer?

Any help will be highly appreciated!

Thank you!

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