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10.4.8 on Intel 965LT cant see harddrives

DJ Wasp

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Hi i been fooling around 2 days now with hackintosh, and not realy been lucky first i tryed with a leopard install that directly installed it on hard drive but when i boot it after 2 mins i get kind of stop sign and dont go any further.. Now i tryed with this dvd Mac OS X 10.4.8 [JaS AMD-Intel-SSE2-SSE3 with PPF1 & PPF2] and it runned it and i got too install ect but.... no matter what then OSX just dont see my Hard drives i looked in disk utility and in profiler it shows no Sata or pata drive.. now i tryed install with with Vmware onto a real hard drive and worked fine with install but as soon i try boot it for real then i get same problem as with the leopard install with stop sign after 2 mins i readed soo many guides done all they said nothing helped soo mayby somebody here can tell me what im doing wrong or missing or got knowlegde about installation on this Motherboard


My system

Intel 965LT MB

Intel D P4 3Ghz

2048 mb 533 mhz kingston ram

1x Pata 300 GB(the one i tryed install on)

2x Sata1 120 GB

Nvidia 7600 GT OT 256 mb all 3 HDDs is Maxtor


Hope somebody here can help me...........


Peace DJ Wasp

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you should change your bios setting of RAID to autodetect or AHCI (nonraid) then it should work!

To get RAID to work search the forum for ICH8R, there is a guide to load two kext files in the normal way ( chmod, chown etc) the once you are done reboot, change the bios back and enjoy!




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