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Thoughts on my Leopard installation procedures?


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so i tried installing to my 680i board but i gave up on it. my GA P35-DS3P board should be coming in tomorrow and here's what i plan to do. before that lets preface my hardware


mobo: GA P35-DS3P

cpu: Intel Core 2 Q6600

ram: 2x1gb g.skill

dvd: sata liteon dvd/rw

hd: 320gb sata hd (windows, unhooked for installation), 250gb sata hd (for osx)

video: XFX 7900 GS


i will be attempting to install via usb key drive.

1. put efi v8 on key drive

2. restore leopard retail image onto key drive


now installation (after setting sata->ahci... this step is still needed right?)

1. put efi v8 on target HD as detailed in iam..me's sticky thread.

2. install leopard via usb key drive.


is this it? i assume i will have to delete intelEFI.kext and put dsmos and SMBIOS in System/Library/Extensions Folder. other than that does anyone have any other ideas?


thanks in advance.


if/when i get done i'll edit this to include any steps i added/removed.

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