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Safari - hangs whole system!


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Hi everyone!


I'm using Zephyroth's Leopard 10.5.1 for AMD SSE2/SSE3, and I'm using forcedeth-nockd.kext to get my Realtek's 8201CL ethernet card. After adding my dev and vendor id, internet works fine. However..


When I'm trying to download anything (from safari obviously) after about 100kb, system just hangs! Everythings freezes, and reset is the only resort. I've looked almost everywhere on osx86 forum, and haven't found any threads how to fix that!

Maybe You could help me?


PS. It might be something with kernel, when I boot, I keep getting hundreds of "forcedeth: packet 80000000 - 8000062e" messages. They also, keep showing in System Console in Leopard all the time, by that I mean 5 lines per second!


I'm begging You for help!


EDIT: I just installed something called Unlockupd, and as far, it works! No more freezes. Thank You for Your help :)

EDIT 2: Well actually it doesn't help the way I wanted, first of all, I have to reinstall it every boot, when it's working system still freezes (just for about second) then it comes back to life... I hope there is some better sollution.

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