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Removing OS X partition

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please...i relly need some help...

my brother just installed mac on my laptop. so it has 2 OS now..

at first..i really like it..so i can use mac on my laptop.. but now..i really need my other partitioned hard disk(D:) that contains mac OS.. i use benq laptop, intel centrino 1,8 ghz, vga on board, ram 765MB. i use my laptop for designing and graphics jobs...and to store all my music.. my brother said it won't be a problem.. but now it's a big problem to me..when i inserted all my documents except my music to my windows xp hard disk(C:)..it's already full..so i can't store my music and another imaging&animation files..

so i really need help..to restore my windows xp.. how to restrore all my hard disk without reinstalling the windows xp OS? cause benq doen't give the windows cd.the OS installer is already saved and partitioned in my hard disk.

please...someone please show me how to solve my problems....


so sorry for my bad english...thanks...

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Even the restore CD should have a repair option. When you boot it up, at some point it should offer an option to Manually Repair (The Windows Repair Console). (I know it did on my acer laptop in any case.) Once you've entered that option, you'll be sent to a command prompt. If you enter "fixboot" and then "fixmbr" it'll rewrite the Windows mbr and remove other boot options. Then you can delete the OSX partition from inside windows itself and create a new NTFS partition (a new D:) in its place.


If not, then a non destructive partitioner would be the way to go. Depending on whether your dual-boot is configured with grub in the MBR or just using the chain0 file loaded onto C:\ you might still want to fix the MBR though, and, apart from a Windows CD, I don't know of any other way to do that. (Which is not to say that it's impossible. Just that I don't know of a way to do it.)


In any case, a fairly easy way to go about the partitioning thing would be to use Hiren's bootCD. The image is a fairly pain free d/l (the one I use is about 55MBs and includes a SLEW of wonderful software, including partitioning, recovery and testing tools. Goood thing to have regardless.

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Right click my computer, pick manage, then pick disk management.

Pick the OS X partition, and delete it.

I don't think XP lets you expand the existing NTFS partition (Vista does) although it might.

You could make a new NTFS partition for data, or you could use a 3rd party tool to expand your XP partition back to what it was.

Partition magic or Parted magic livecd (free -- google it) would do this.

Presumable such a tool was used to shrink your partition so that OS X could be installed, so you probably have one.

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Sometimes Diskpart or Disk management refuses to delete the OS X partition

In this case just use the OS X install DVD and start Disk Utility in the GUI or fdisk when starting with -v -s flags during DVD boot.

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