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[Resolved] DHCP and MAC adresse whith Broadcom 5750


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Hi everyone,


I have just finish installe drivers for my Ethernet 5750 Broadcom and it's work. (I am sorry, I don't remember the person who shared his drivers).

My network card has Vendor ID : 14E4 and Device ID : 1677.


When I reboot, I can't access to my internet access but I can see the other computers. I finally configure my Freebox and put my MAC adresse to 00:14:C2:02:96:** (adress I found by doing a ipconfig /all in Windows) and I put it on my freebox and I did a

ifconfig en0 ether ***MAC ADRESS****


Everything work, I can go in internet...

But I have got a problem, each time I boot on Mac, I have to do the command line again.


Do you know how I can resolve that problem ?



(I tried kipping the MAC adress whith 00:00... and configure the freebox with 00:00, but it didn't work...)


Resolved : ask me by mp if you want solution and I will put in.

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