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connexant accessrunner usb adsl modem

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I have Aus.Linx AL-2006 usb adsl modem (connexant accessrunner) and would like to force it to run under mac osx86.

But there is no any information about this in the internet.

There http://www.atlantis-land.com/firmware/1866...AC%20OS%20X.sit I've found driver for modem I-storm by Atlantis-Land, which is very similar to AL-2006 (all the same - usb adsl, chip falcon2(connexant), access runner etc.)

After installation of the driver I've changed in accessrunner.kext VendorID (DeviceID is the same) and when I plug-in my modem the system give a message that accessrunner.kext was installed improperly.

Is here any Guru who can help me?

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