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Which Route to Go for Dual Boot Vista/Leopard


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Hi All,


Brand new to this and hoping for some help.


I have a custom desktop:




Currently no OS (there are some things screwed up) I plan on installing Vista

AMD Athlon X2 3800+

MSI Neo4 Platinum K8 mobo

2 Gigs of Corsiar value select

nVidia Geforce 7800GT 256mb

3 HDs (60gb Maxtor SATA, 60gb WD ATA, 120gb Segate ATA)



My Laptop is...


Dell Inspiron E1505


Intel CoreDuo T2400 1.83Ghz

2 Gigs Ram

ATI Mobility Radeon X1400

Hitachi SATA 60gb

Intel Pro Wireless 3945ABG :unsure:



What I would like to do is just keep my laptop the same, and have a dual boot of Vista and Leopard on my desktop.


Leapord on the 60gb ATA

Vista on the 60gb SATA

I use the 120gb for storage


Since it's an AMD machine, should I get the img that is for AMDs or should the new iAKOS DVD work fine?


And can I install it as I want, Leapord on one HD and Vista on the other, and just go into the boot menu when I want to select which one to use?


Thanks guys

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