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Hi There Guys,

well before I start I would just like to thank all the people who have spent countless hours/nights/days working on the osx86 project your work is very appreciated and valued so thankyou - now ill get into my help I recently installed the jas osx 10.4.8 and it installed perfectly but there are some problems I'm aware of the limited drivers and such but I know there are some exceptions so if somebody could point me in the right direction I would be truely grateful so here's the thing I installed the osx onto a new partition (20gig) and formatted it via the installer to mac osx extended and all went good but now when I reboot my computer it loads osx but my problem is how can I get back into vista ? I know why this happend its because I forgot to install os selector but I need to know to fix it any suggestion haha ? now my other questions - just to clarify I have a HP DV6505TU

if you follow this link the can see the drivers for my laptop ( - thee Nvidia graphics as I have the intel 950 one)



so where could I possibly find some of these drivers ?

1. Wireless

2. Enthernet

3. Video Card so I can get 1280x800 resolution

4. Audio ( I have tried some of the methods on here but no luck)


so anybody that could help me sort out this problem THANKYOU in advance keep up the fantastic work guys your doing really good.



Luke (luke-xx) x

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