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two motherboard and a lot of versions


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Hey Folks...


I have a question to ask you

At the moment i have this configuration


Motherboard: Intel DG31PR with G31 chipset

Processor: Intel Dual Core 2 Duo E6550

HDD: Western Digital 320 gb SATA

RAM: Kingston 1gb 800 MHZ x 2 (dual channel)

On board sound And Video


Wich version of 10.4x version of the tiger OS is compatible with my specs, (i've installed 10.4.4 and it works but without sound and some bugs)


And Now...another question..i can change my motherboard to an ASUS PK5PL with the same chipstet (all other specs are the same) and a 7600 gs video card


Is there any Version that works properly with this specs also?


Thx for your Help!

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