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So I was browsing in OSX Installation &.....


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I posted a thread about the fastest hack built to date and who/what motherboard was used (TIGER) and config.


A couple of things. 1) Does such a thread exist? If not, perhaps there should be a thread or sticky with MACHINE/BENCHMARK (xbench for QUICK, Cinebech for TOP END) where users can post there specs and benchmarks.


2) Am a little surprised that sometimes one can post something and it will get read 100+ times and it can take DAYS before anyone responds. Why is that? Surely we cannot be that rushed and hurried to get our HACKS working that we can't take the time to post, even if it is to show someone (me in this case) where a thread at one time might have existed (my ? was closest SPEC wise (xbench) that a HACK could be built, what mobo, price, CPU.



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