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Dual Boot XP+Leopard (Flat Img) n00b

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I just wanted to start off by saying that I'm very new to the scene, and still a bit illiterate on a few terms. I have a couple of questions to ask, and I apologize if I can't ask them, or if this is the wrong forum. Thank you very much for your time and co-operation. :(


Q#1: I just finished installing a flat image of Leopard that I got off "sources" and now I'm wondering how can I get back to my windows that is partitioned on my hard drive. To note: The flat image + .bat file basically did all the work of installing and partioning on my hard drive. My computer just loads up leopard and I don't know how to access XP, or how to make a dual boot menu.


Q#2: Once I found out how to dual boot both systems, how can I resize both partions to the way I want them? The flat image of Leopard gives me a 15 GB partion, and I definitly want more than that.


Layman's terms are greatly appreciated! Again thank you for understanding! :)


Happy Holidays



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keep pressing F8 while the computer is booting.....the darwin boot menu should come up and u should be able to boot into windows....search the forum for the steps required in order to make the boot menu show up always.....it should be present in any dual booting guide.....

resizing the partitions....not such a good idea now that u have both os installed....especially hfs+ resizing is very difficult i believe....not sure though

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