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Hello all, i have problems on updating kernel.

I have toh rc2 installed (and i just can log into leo in -legacy mode, i mean, toh rc2 doesnt support 64 bits).

After change kernel to sleep_toh (9.1) the -legacy issue disapear and i can log into leo properly. I have also installed efi v8 (dont know what it is exactly for...).

I've put dsmos in its properly folder in order to run "software update" and change kernel to vanilla. AFter a succefully change, my system still says i have Core 2 Solo, and my system profiler crashes everytime i load it. Ive also replaced smbios with that one in efi v8 to solve this proble, but no work yet.

Anyone have any idea?

If its possible i want a how to on how to make leo recognize core 2 duo and run without -legacy mode and no crashing in system profiler.

is it better install from an original leo dvd?

What you people have to say?

Thanks everyone for the advices.

PS: im a real noob on mac and unix. :rolleyes:

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