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A quick kext question


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hey all, i'm trying install MAn leo for Amd on my laptop:


HP Pavillion dv6150

Hard disk: 160GB PL ATA (but i'm installing on usb disk

Video: GeForce 7150

Core duo amd Turion x64


The problem is: i install on usb drive, all go fine, then i boot from dvd, open terminal and delete GeForce.kext and NVDARE....kext.

So the system boot normally without kernel panic!!!! (me so happy :D )

But now i have a screen that say me keyboard not present... :) and touchpad mouse don't work too :) .

How can i make it work?

1- I have to connect a usb mouse and key and find kext for keyboard and mouse oy my laptop??

2- I have do delete another kext for keyb and mouse so mac regen them and work?

3-Other possible solution??


Boot from dvd all work fine...


Thx a lot for the help



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I have download the ps2 controller kext for leo and put in /System/Library/Extensions with the terminal of the dvd and now i'm writing from my mac!!!


Now i'll go for solve the problem with audio, video kext, sata disk, nut it is working great!!!

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